Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ruben, and Alden Road Club Projects

I had so much fun at my card club on Friday!! We actually completed 6 projects in an hour and a half... they really worked very hard!   The pixie sticks were a big hit... but so were the cards, and sweet heart bag toppers.

The kids always look forward to card club, and are on their best classroom behavior.  Today was extra special because they were looking forward to a pizza party in celebration of Ruben's birthday.  Ruben's actual birthday was on Saturday, but we all know there's no school on Saturday!  Happy Birthday Ruben!!  Keep on Smiling.. we love to see your smile!



This is a picture of Rebecca and Ciara holding their card club projects.  Ciara is the card club president and loves to write for the school newspaper.  Both Rebecca and Ciara are very helpful during card club.  Don't you just love their beautiful smiles (and Scarlett's too .. she wasn't in the picture.. ).  I really do enjoy my volunteer work with these girls, they're always so polite, friendly, and happy!



The kids have been studying penguins, and each one made their own penguin pocket folder to store all the information they learn.  Aren't the penguins cute?  And the kids too, of course!!  Each and every one of these kids are also enrolled in classroom scouting through Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts too, isn't that wonderful?

Oh... and that's Ruben, the birthday boy sitting at his desk in the middle... I can't believe he wasn't smiling for the picture!! Ruben is almost always smiling!  Happy Birthday, again, Ruben!!  I know Ms. Green is going to show you that I put your pictures on my blog.... and now you're FAMOUS too!

On the far right, is Scarlett... doesn't she have a pretty smile too?  Scarlett just got her hair cut, I think it's really cute, very chic!


Well guys, make sure you behave for your teacher(s)... got to earn those dolphin bucks... and hope you had fun eating pizza!

Lots of Love,

Ms. Sharon

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Deborah Hansen said...

Thanks, Sharon, for sharing all this wonderful news and the great pictures. You can check out my blog, too, at

Deb. Hansen

Lee Conrey said...

Happy birhtday Ruben!!! I finally get to see some of the students Ms. Sharon teaches. How fun it is for me to finally put some faces to the names I've heard about.
You're all doing a great job with what you are learning. Keep up the good work.
Lee Conrey