Thursday, December 4, 2008

On Card Club and Getting Ready for the BIG DAY...

After card club, I really should have been staining and painting but instead went to the bank, put in the club order and did laundry... and then it was time to make dinner!! 

Our little club is growing rapidly and in order to provide more seating, it will be moved from my classroom which seats 6-8, to the great room on January 7th.  Club members are required to make a minimum $30.00 merchandise purchase and rotate hostess benefits.  This months' hostess received one level 1 and one level 2 hostess set, AND $45.00 in free merchandise, isn't that exciting??  The club members also take turns bringing lunch items... next month we'll be having a tossed green salad and dressing, cheese and crackers, sausage ball appetizers, refreshments and desert too.   Next month, we will be making Valentines projects!!

This month, I had a very special surprise too... one of our members, recovering from back surgery managed to attend thanks to a very good friend.  It was a pleasant surprise, and I'm so glad to see she is doing so well, as she is always missed:)

I received my valentines' promo bundle in the mail today... and although I can't share the pictures, I did share it with my club members!  They all agreed that the "Love you much" stamp set is absolutely adorable, they couldn't get enough of the new punch, and everyone drooled over the new "candy lane" designer series double sided papers and can't wait to see what we make next month with the luscious striped and polka dotted papers.

Graduation plans continue... although the home organization and repairs are not proceeding as quickly as I'd like... The cap and gown is now in-house, and the event tickets have been picked up... Let's see.. I have 7 days to plan a menu, reorganize my kitchen, finish staining and painting... and clean every room.. I'm sure I've forgotten something (good thing there is a list somewhere around here... somewhere.. now where did I put it??).  My kitchen counter and dining room table are COVERED with STUFF.... and this too shall pass

...............or so they tell me!!


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