Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My College Graduate and other random shares


I desperately need a new camera!!  I took several photos of the graduation ceremony, family, etc this weekend... and unfortunately, they're too blurry to view!  This was the ONLY picture which came out well enough to share!  Oddly enough, whenever the camera comes out, our son disappears... so here is a picture of our darling Daughter post-graduation, Chris -- her fiancee.  It would have been nice to have one with her brother and other family members too... oh well!  Chris had just gotten off work at U.N.F. and had worked during the entire ceremony.  The photo was taken 'on the square' outside the arena at the University.  Chris' Mom and Dad also came from Lakeland, FL and I didn't get any pictures of them either!  It's all such a fog, and I didn't have much time to take pictures during the party either although my sister was running around with her fancy camera all weekend, hopefully she'll share those precious photos and precious moments with us. 




Last week, Kristin put up the Christmas tree by herself this year.  She wanted the house to be properly decorated and frankly, I just didn't have much time.  I did add a few things around the house, and managed to get my Santa Claus collection displayed in my new buffet/cupboard.  But Kristin put up the tree and decorated it.  She did a great job and it turned out just beautiful!  We had a terrible time deciding where to put the tree this year and ended up squashing it into a corner of the great room, next to the patio door.  The table had to be pulled out further into the room to accommodate the massive tree (wishing I had purchased a skinny tree.. ).  The tree was decorated silver and white, lots of sparkle and glitter too.





While digging out a few holiday decorations, I came across this tray which I had forgotten about.  The tray was made during one of my now infamous girl scout retreat weekends at Beaches Little House.  The retreat was my Christmas gift to my troop, as we spent an entire weekend crafting hand made projects for gifting friends and family.  I worked for months in advance choosing and preparing the projects which included polymer clay ornaments, jewelry, woodworking, and glass etching amongst other things.  The projects varied from year to year... and the girls would work into the wee hours during the entire weekend.  I no longer have a Girl Scout Troop.. my girls all graduated and went on to college, and I'm too busy with my two home based businesses (Silpada Design Jewelry and Stampin' Up!).  But, every now and then I come across a project which we made and it brings back fond memories of giggling girls creating and crafting away the night.

The tray was made before I really jumped into the stampin' arena... and used 2 sheets of  8 1/2" x 11" scrapbook paper which I probably found at a local craft store.  The paper had a black and gold star border around two sides, and the santa collage at the bottom.  We used scherenschette scissors to carefully cut around the santa images and the borders before decoupaging them onto a tray which we had previously painted with acrylic paint.  Although the picture doesn't show too clearly, the entire surface was also covered with a fine coat of gold glitter and then sealed with varnish.  Some of the girls made the santa tray and others made blue and white snowman trays... and they all came out wonderfully.  I wonder how many of these trays are still floating around their homes and holidays!

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Lee said...

Congrats To Kristin for me. She looks so happy with Chris and that's how it should be.
I know she has worked long and hard and that you are so proud of her.
Next round Wedding, right?