Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Have to Laugh!!

Well, the company began rolling in yesterday... and although I've accomplished a lot in the week long home repair and remodel event... not everything is complete.  I didn't really think I'd get the whole list done.. but knew I could get the troops to rally 'round and make an honest attempt.  Of course, we've got quite a list of chores for January, not that my husband is looking forward to it!  The cupboard will still need more varnish, and perhaps another coat of paint.  The glass I really wanted was around $900.00 so I chose a more economical solution... The Christmas tree is up and decorated, the kitchen has been scrubbed and cleaned, the hallway is partially painted, the bathroom has been painted but the mirrored wall has not been replaced, nor has the light fixture.  The ceiling fan in the Great Room has not been replaced or moved... and the kitchen light is still inoperable.  But life goes on... As I sit here quietly reciting the Serenity Prayer, I am thankful for all my family and friends... for those who rallied 'round, for those who sent encouraging letters, for those who helped with cooking or chores, etc.. 

Today my goals are small.. make a swaps for the downline meeting and somehow manage to attend the same.... finish menu planning, do some prep work, and sit back and relax... Tomorrow is Graduation Day!!  And Saturday will be the celebratory party.  Many of the people coming are personal friends and co-workers of our honored Graduate.  It will be interesting to meet and greet them all... and Sunday will be a much needed day of rest.

As I sit here and quickly share a note with you... recently, during stamp club, one of the attendees asked if I ever sleep.  (Obviously she never tried to call me at 9pm in the evening!!  I'm an early to bed, early to rise gal.)   A bit confused by the question, I asked why?  She answered that I post on my blog every day and often at midnight or in the middle of the night!   Reviewing my blog posts, you may find tell tale signs of exactly how that was done, or you may be a blogger yourself and know the answer.... But I couldn't really help it and just had to laugh when I explained that I had written many of the posts way before the actual date, and stored them in pending status to launch at the crack of dawn... while I was sound asleep!  I knew of course, that I would be engulfed in work during the forthcoming days/weeks and wanted to be consistent with my posts and readers. 

Hopefully my life and routines will return to normal after "The Party" tomorrow... I really have got to get my Christmas Cards mailed!!

Thanks for hanging in there!!


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