Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a Cabinet... and if I make it through the next two weeks...

Three years in the making, I finally have a cabinet in my dining room... but now it needs to be painted and stained!  Guess who gets to do that??  Why ME, of course.. in my spare time!!  The cabinet was a labor trade between my husband and a local carpenter.... my husband installed tile in a great room and kitchen/dining area... the cabinet labor was supplied by the carpenter.... in his spare time.  Three years later, my cabinet is finally built, and installed.  Now, I need to order glass, stain, and paint where needed... all before December 10th!



Now, ordinarily I wouldn't be so overwhelmed by such a project.... but I also have two businesses to run (Stampin' Up! and Silpada Design Jewelry Representative).. an entire house to organize, a bathroom and hallway to paint, a college graduation party to plan and execute... and all by the 10th.  Where did the time go??

Long story short, if my posting is sporadic, my schedule can explain it all.  Yes, we are extremely proud that our youngest has managed to graduate from college in just 3 1/2 years while working full time.. and yes, we need to celebrate with a party of due proportion... but in NINE DAYS??? 

Of course, some of this is my fault... I could have been washing the windows, cleaning the refrigerator and stove, washing the drapes, painting the bathroom and hallway... but there was stampin' to do!!  And Silpada parties too!!


So.. now I have to put it all in high gear and 'get her done' in record time... Well, after card club on Wednesday :)

Stick around... I'll be back soon with lots of new stampin' ideas.. and the retired list (on December 9th)... and sneak previews of new spring catalog releases!



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