Monday, December 15, 2008

Glitter Tips and Cousins

Quickly checking my subscripations this morning, I saw THIS POST on CraftaholicsAnonymous about cleaning glitter with a swiffer cloth and thought I should share it. The tip works well on your clothes, arms, face too. Of course, glitter can get ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE when you're stamping, and some people hate to use it because of that.. but it adds such a phenomenal element to cards and projects!!

Often, after a stamp camp I even have glitter in my stamp pads.. YIKES!! But not to worry... I don't know where I came across this tip.. but use regular packaging tape to simply 'lift' the glitter from the woven surface of the pad.. works like a dream.. try it!!

I really thought I would be able to spend time stamping yesterday, but I was so exhausted that I decided to nap instead!! Those who know me well, know that I DON'T nap... well, yesterday was an exception. My sweet DH made a light dinner (salad with leftover Yakitori Chicken). And the next thing you know, I was back asleep!!

We had so many people show up for the graduation party.... but missed some family members. Wish they could have made it but schedules are what they are. So today I thought I'd share an absolutely adorable picture of my husband's nieces, Elsa and Lydia with my son. The picture was taken last spring while attending my nephew's graduation in Raleigh, NC.... scroll down and see a close up of Elsa's face... she's just loaded with personality!!

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