Monday, December 22, 2008

Does anyone have a spare Halo? Priceless Photos



OK.. THIS is my husband Jamie.  Can't you just see the halo hanging around his head?  The camera loves my husband.  He is one of the fortunate few who rarely has a bad picture taken.  Our daughter is blessed with the same gift... but not me!

Needless to say, I have to stay on my toes with my quick witted spouse.  Some of my customers have found that out too, I have one who now refers to him as 'sweetie'.... although she thought she was speaking to the cat, my husband jumped right in and obligingly answered to the moniker!




This is a rare photo of our son, Gary.... SMILING!!  Actually, he's laughing... and that in itself is rare too.  Gary flew home from Utah where he is stationed at Hill Air Force Base.  It was good to see him home, smiling, and laughing.  More often than not, Gary is very serious and hides when the camera comes out.  We have very few recent photos of him, and those we have often show his scowling face.




We also had a pleasant surprise during the graduation party... my Great Great Aunt Sophie and Uncle Bob came to celebrate with us.  Here are Kristin (the graduate/honoree) and Gary with their Great Great Great Aunt Sophie.  Sophie is full of life, wears high heels and loves to dance.




Wow... writing all those Great's made me realize that my Uncle Jim is my kids' Great Great Uncle Jim...  It's hard to believe we're that old, Ouch!  Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan are shown here with Kristin.  Jim and Susan traveled all the way from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and it was great to see them (as always).



This picture was taken in our backyard, where we had several tables and canopies set up for our guests (our house runneth over).  Here are Uncle Bob, Aunt Sophie, Me, and Uncle Jim squinting in the bright December sunshine!




One more.. group photo.. and of course I'm in the back row as usual!

Left to Right

Front Row:  Gary, Cousin Bill, Kristin

Middle Row:  Aunt Sophie, (my)

Sister Susan, Aunt Susan

Back Row:  Uncle Bob, Me, Uncle Jim, Jamie


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Anonymous said...

That look on your DH's face is priceless! What a great picture, and a lovely family too!
- B