Monday, November 24, 2008

Snowman Treat Bag Tutorial... Alden Road Project November 2008

This is a projects we did at the Alden Road Exceptional Student Center this month. Anything with candy in it is always a hit! As you know, I have to keep my Alden Road projects simple so the girls can recreate them as needed for fund-raisers.

This little snowman treat bag was everyone's favorite... and it was so easy to make with the help of my Sizzix Top Note and button dies!


Isn't he just too cute?? I thought about putting blush on the cheeks and perhaps changing the snowflake to pink (button-white) to make it a girl snowman for the girls' club... perhaps we'll do that next time, or my creative Alden Road Teacher will see this post and do it with them before I get there in two weeks!

To make this snowman treat holder, I cut two top note dies... one in basic black, and one in whisper white. The white die cut was scored in the middle, and folded short sides together to make a short/narrow face (NOT longways.. Marly, right?). The Black die cut was cut in half, the same way. The Hat band was cut 3/4" x 8 1/2" and scored at 4 1/4".

To assemble this guy, I used a small treat bag with a zip lock closure.. appx. 3" x 5", filled 2/3 full with candy... I was looking for white malted milk balls.. I thought a snowman with snowballs in his tummy would be fun... but alas, could find none! It is important NOT to over fill the treat bag.. so his head will lie neat and flat atop the bag.

After filling the bag, place the very top (the part with the zip lock) inside the folded white top note die cut... right at the fold. Close, and staple near the top folded edge, catching the treat bag and top note die in the staple. YES, I know you'll have to rip his head of to get the candy... or poke a hole in the bottom.. but the treats will all be in tact when the selling them as fund raisers too (think of it as an anti-theft device). As you look at your snowman's head, you will notice he has two points on the sides/top of his head... cut these points off.

Next, glue the bottom cut edge of the top note die to the top edge of the snowman's head... leaving enough room for his 3/4" round eyeballs and hatband... If you forgot to clip the points, they will stick out the sides of the black hat... so cut those 'ears' off now! Now turn your snowman upside down and glue the other half of the top note die to the back of the snowman's head and hat.

The hat band may be added now by running your adhesive down the 3/4" x 8 1/2" strip and slipping the snowman's hat between the layers... again, leave enough room for his eyeballs.

For the finishing touch, simply add a white gel pen glimmer to his eyes, cut an orange nose, punch a white snowflake, and add your die cut black button... assemble as shown in the picture!

I thought about adding white gel pen stitching to his hat and hatband too... but needed to keep it simple for my Alden Road Girls Card Club.

Hope you liked my little snowman!


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Laurie Lenertz said...

Very very cute. Thanks for sharing the "how to" as I have to make some goodie bags as prizes for our holiday party at work. I just may use this idea as we are doing a "winter" theme to keep it "generic" enough to incorporate all of the various religious holidays!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this plus the directions so others can CASE, which I will definitely be doing!!

Amber (bambi64) said...

This is too cute. My 8 yr old son has decided on these for his stocking stuffers for school! I will be making 24 of these by the 17th!! Thank you for posting the directions.