Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Cool Blue Liner ... Who knew a beer can had so much potential...

cool_baja_blue_linerI bet you're wondering why there is a cut up beer can posted on my Stampin' Up! blog!  Well, I just love Linda Heller's blog.  Linda is a demonstrator in Maitland, Florida who often explores "stampbuster myths".  Recently, Linda posted an article about how to sharpen your Stampin' Up! punches.... not with tinfoil or an emory board as I have done in the past, but instead with soda cans!! 

So... last night, I asked my DH to leave his Coors' Light Can in the kitchen sink.  Although he was puzzled by the request, he politely rinsed out and left the can in the sink.  This morning, I set about sharpening one or two of my punches, whether they needed it or not... 

You simply cannot imagine my surprise when I carefully cut open the Coors Light can with the "cool blue liner" and found out that the liner was not blue but BAJA BREEZE!!!  Yes, I went ahead and sharpened my punches... but, as I looked at the punched pieces I thought...   Although I should have been doing housework... or prepping for upcoming classes and stamp camps, I was inspired and my mission was clearly defined... these pieces need to become a part of today's card making mission, after all they match my Baja Breeze card stock and ribbon exactly!!  WOW!!





I thought about using my cuttlebug embossing plates to add texture to the pieces... but then decided to use White Detail Embossing powder instead!  I turned on my heat tool, which always works best when already heated up... and then stamped "You're on my mind" from the Upsy Daisy stamp set onto the blue liner.  The versamarked image was then covered with white detail embossing powder and quickly heated with the heat tool.  I then gently rolled my cool baja blue aluminum in my versamark pad and embossing powder to emboss the outside edges... and to remove the sharp edge.  The baroque motifs swirl is stamped off on the side of the card, and my cool baja breeze was given more focus with dimensional dots to 'pop' it off the paper.   Simple, quick, and fun card... and a great way to recycle those Coors Light cans too!




Here's my second card... this time I also embossed some of the swirls onto my cool baja breeze can punch... and added some of that fabulous baja breeze striped ribbon.  The ribbon was folded in half, and then a nice "V" was cut in the end but I noticed the ribbon seemed to want to fray a bit.  Hmmm.... what if I burn the ribbon... I have to tell you that on my first attempt, I really DID burn the ribbon!!  YIKES!!  So, I cut another 5 1/2" strip of ribbon, carefully added the V at the end... and this time I used my BBQ lighter but held the ribbon well above the flame.  The heat was still intense enough to melt the edges of the V... and no burned ribbon!


I have to tell you, Linda's tip about sharpening your punches really does work!  I didn't think they needed sharpening, but noticed a significant difference afterwards!  You can watch her punch sharpening video here... and please be careful with those cans, they are very very sharp!



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