Friday, November 21, 2008

Cleaning Your Embossing Trays.. Today's Tip

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Has this ever happened to you?  My embossing trays have somehow become encrusted with all sorts of foreign matter... well, not exactly foreign... but matter, just the same.  It seems that whenever I take them out to use them, they are full of glue, dazzling diamonds, embossing powders... and all sorts of muck.  Oh, I've tried cleaning them with swiffer cloths, dryer sheets, rubbing alcohol, scratching the surface with what is left of my fingernails, plain old soap and water, etc. etc. etc.... yet the muck persists. 

Today, however, I ventured out to try something new, and if it destroyed the trays, then I resolved to purchase new ones!!  My Stampin' Emboss trays are great for all sorts of projects.. not just embossing, and are heavily used when I'm designing... and in my workshops too.  I worry mostly about cross contaminating my embossing powders and really didn't want to have to purchase all new embossing powders too!

So.. today, we went from yucky to sparkling new... all with the help of the fabulous stampers can't be without substance, "Goo Gone".  I was afraid the lemony oil which melts sticker off windows and cabinets might do just that to my embossing trays... However, I was quite pleasantly surprised!  Of course, after using, make sure you wash and dry the tray with good old soap and water to remove any excess oil...and perhaps add a layer of embossing buddy powder sachet to remove static...  But my trays are as good as new... try it, you won't regret it!

Have a good day... and clean out those trays!



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