Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update on our Daughters' Surgery Outcome...

It's been a crazy week with ups and downs... and I want to thank all of those who have stood by and offered prayers and encouragement!  This knee surgery (the third episode) was by far, the smoothest... almost like a bump in the road in comparison to the other two!  The recovery period should be quite minimal.. a couple weeks vs. months we've endured in the past.

An avid volleyball team captain, league player, and all-conference award recipient.  She severed her ACL during a league championship game.  For those who have witnessed a great player collapse, it was a heart wrenching and teary event.  Working very hard, she subsequently went on to play again with her high school and earned a position on the league travel team as well.  After an award winning senior high school season, she collapsed once again during league practice.   We devastatingly learned that the ACL had failed once again.  No longer able to play volleyball, it was a very difficult period, and identity crisis (for her) as well. 

Three years later, she again suffered injury to this same knee.. as parents, it just took our breath away!  How can someone so young have so many failures?  But this one, as I said, was quite minor in comparison... and the good news is that her ACL is very strong and in tact (WOO HOO!!!!).   We're looking forward to having her home during the recovery period, and looking forward to getting things back to normal... again.. and as soon as she is able to get up and move around, we'll be designing and making cards together for upcoming events!


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Zeta said...

Well I'm glad that this one is a now what they say "Third times a charm." Well I hope you two have fun making cards and all...later!