Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heat & Stick Powder and Inks... Tips and How to Use it

Using Heat & Stick Powder

1] Apply Embossing Buddy liberally to the surface which you plan to stamp. This simple action will prevent excess powder "spray" or dots on your final image. Stamp image with VersaMark® , Craft Stampin' Pad, or Encore Inks. Tip: Versamark is a very sticky but clear ink. Craft pads are very wet, slow drying inks, allowing the powders to stick well. The major difference you may see when using craft vs. versamark is the detail and fine lines of images. When embossing with Craft Ink, the lines may appear thinner and more intricate... which is fabulous when using contrasting card stock colors and inks. However, when embossing gold encore ink for instance on brushed gold cardstock, the detail in lettering may become so fine that it doesn't make a statement of it's own... yet perfect for adding texture with a background stamp or image where texture is more important! Try it.. you'll see!

2] Apply Heat & Stick powder to the inked image. Shake off excess powder onto the Powder Pal or a piece of scratch paper and funnel it back into its container.

3] Heat image with the heat tool just until powder turns to liquid. Do not overheat... TIP: make sure you turn on your heat gun and allow it to heat up before you plan to use it!! A very hot heat gun will emboss images much quicker, and will be more effective when heating your Heat 'n Stick powder too! If you've pre-heated your gun, you also lessen the chance of 'burning' your cardstock. Heat the powder until it turns to liquid, appearing somewhat shiny (vs. dull). Use tweezers to hold the cardstock... or the tip of your scissors to keep the cardstock from moving around the table surface. it is also more effective to position the heat gun at a 90 degree angle (directly over the top) of the cardstock being heated and lessens the chance of it 'flying' around! heatstick tech cust

4] Pour dazzling diamonds glitter onto the inked image, making sure that the image is coated completely.

5] Shake off excess glitter as described in Step 2.

6] Heat again briefly to set.

The Powder Pal tray is an excellent alternative to scratch paper for saving excess powder and glitter. It also makes cleanup a snap!

A Special Note from ME: Tomorrow I have to take time to restring an antique 10 strand pearl and sapphire necklace... and then I really, REALLY hope to get back to business!!


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