Friday, September 12, 2008

Lovely As A Tree and Re-Inker Techniques


Classic Ink Re-Inkers aren't just for rewetting our ink pads!  This is one of the cards we made last week in techniques class, and it used more than one technique too!

I really have enjoyed and loved my "Lovely As A Tree" stamp set, it has become one of my tried and true favorites.  The stamp set features 6 unique images including a row of winter trees, this beautiful oak, a tall pine, a maple leaf,  small pine bough, and hmm... an elm leaf?  The 6 piece stamp set (#101223) retails for $25.95... money very well spent! 

This card uses two techniques and the following supplies:

Card Stock:  Glossy White, Confetti White, Old Olive

Ink:  Versamark

Re-inkers:  Gable Green, Pumpkin Pie, Really Rust, So Saffron

5/8" Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon #109054 $7.95 / 15 yds (a real steal)

Other Tools:  Brayer, spray bottle, generic rubbing alcohol

Technique used on the tree:  Baby Wipe

To do the baby wipe technique, fold a baby wipe in half (NO MORE..) and place it on top of a piece of acetate (or a full plastic storage box from your stamp set).  Randomly drop reinkers, one at a time onto the folded wipe.  Fill in all the void areas too.  You want to create a 'custom stamp pad' just slightly larger than the image you will be stamping (in this case, the oak tree).  NOW.. stamp your image into versamark ink, then onto your baby wipe stamp pad... and then onto your cardstock.. let it set for 20-30 seconds so that the ink has time to absorb into the cardstock.

When I first tried this technique, I folded my baby wipe into a neat little square... lots and lots of layers.  Well, guess what?  I needed LOTS AND LOTS of re-inker to sufficiently wet the wipe for use as a stamp pad.. it kept soaking all the way thru the wipe and nothing was left for my stamped image... well.. I had a duh moment and decided only to fold it in half and stamp first in versamark.. worked like a dream!!

Technique used on the Glossy Card Stock:  No name, just something I was playing around with.. what shall we call it?

First, I used a piece of glossy cardstock larger than needed for the final card.  This allows me to pick and choose the area I would prefer to use on my card.  This IS kind of messy.. if you have fabulous nails and fingers, you might want to add rubber gloves!

Basically, I used the same re-inkers as above and put 5 random dots of each on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" piece of glossy cardstock, trying to make sure none of them 'touched'.  I then took my hard rubber brayer, and rolled... from outside the cardstock across to the other side.  If I happened to miss a spot, I repeated the action but took care not to repeat more than once or twice.  The result is quite 'dotty' and interesting.. perfect for stamping or embossing a fish.. dotted_glossystockreally something else.  Here is the sample I did with blues, pinks, and greens.. really wild, huh?

BUT.. to soften the look as in the card sample, I then filled my spritzer with rubbing alcohol.  Now, you don't want to use one of those dollar store spray bottles.. you want one that you can purchase in the art department of your local craft store.  SPRITZ the inked image with the alcohol.. and wait.. you will see the dots move together, soften, and change.  It's really fun to watch and see what happens!  AND.. even more fun, spray it again with rubbing alcohol.. you'll see it change again!  FUN!!


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