Monday, September 29, 2008

Cleaning for Color -- Selecting Colors for Scrap Book Pages and Cards

Time and again, people ask me how I come up with colors for my pages and cards.  As a quilter, I've played with color, pattern, and texture for years... and although color selection has become a natural extension of myself, I'm often surprised at what I find right on my stampin' table!!  I've told you before... I'm a messy stamper... not that my stampin' is messy, but that I make an absolute mess.. a MOUNTAIN mess when I'm busily creating.  My table(s) become so filled with stamps, light box, paper, ribbons, punches, tools, and accessories that at some point, I have to stop and clean it all up in order to begin creating (and building the mountain of mess) again.

So, quite often I clean for colors.  After putting away all the stamps, tools, and accessories it is time to put away the paper.  Sorting thru whole sheets and scraps, in the mountain and mound I often find colors have just fallen perfectly together... screaming HERE I AM!  It may be one or two colors that just happen to look pretty together, it might be five.  So, I carefully set that combo aside and continue cleaning while imagining which stamp set to use with my fabulous find.

But wait!!  There's still another way to select colors, and it's been right here the whole time!  It's the SU Color Generator... found on my sidebar under "SITES I VISIT", titled SU Color Combos.  The Color Combo Generator by Scraptitude is a fabulous way to start with just the colors you happen to have in your paper stash!  Simply scroll thru the colors, and select the colors you wish to use and then click on the search option.  (The In-Colors are found at the very bottom of the column of color.)

The color combo generator will suggest other colors and combinations using up to 5 colors.  It's like having a color tutorial right at your fingertips and fun to play with too... choose "Surprise Me" and be amazed at the different colors put together just for you!  It's a fabulous and fun way for beginners to start putting colors together.  But don't stay there all day, you've got cards and pages to create... or a stamp room to clean!!


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