Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OUR Baby Girl is Engaged....

I guess I knew this day would come... and I knew a month ago that it was really here.  But, I received "THE CALL".  And so, today it is official... our baby girl is officially engaged to her beau of two year

A few weeks ago, he came to our home and officially asked for her hand... with a contingency that she must not know, must not be told.  Of course, we gave him the proper 'grilling' and he took it well, with an appropriate sense of humor coupled with well deserved serious-ness (is that a word?)...  and gave me a personal challenge to determine the exact ring size without betraying his confidence.  I had recently gifted our daughter with a ring that needed to be resized.. so it was the perfect diversion (was it karma or simply Mom's inner voice??)... and the undercover operation was born.

We received the happy news this evening, when our daughter called to let us know she had indeed said "YES" and that we were stinkers for not letting on, and that she loves us.. and that she's happy.  What more can a parent want...

To Kristin and Chris... We love you, and wish you the best.  Hurry home, we can't wait to see you both again.

Love, Mom and Dad

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Zeta said...

So happy for all you guys!!!


Susan B said...

Congratulations! Now comes the fun of planning the wedding. You better start working on your invitation samples now. LOL!

Lee said...

Well now you made me cry...like I wasn't stuffy enough with this cold!
Please tell them congrats for me!