Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Cat Ate My Shoes...

IMG_2840_edited-1 Yikes!!  We have two cats... they were supposed to move out with our daughter.. but somehow that hasn't happened to date.  We've long known that they have very strange appetites which my vet has not been able to explain.  We've "cat-proofed" our home as much as possible to prevent them from devouring wire, foil, ribbon, etc...  but this one takes the cake!  This morning, I got up and gave them their routine morning treats, and then sat down to check my email when... behind me I hear a strange ripping noise which I couldn't identify.  Turning cautiously, I was surprised to find this little bugger tearing apart the loops on my favorite flat sandals!!  Now, I'll have to buy new shoes (aw shucks..) and never leave my shoes in the family room again!  When he was a kitten, we put tin foil on the countertops to keep him off of them... and he ate the foil.  My daughter's alarm clock/radio had an antenna wire which also disappeared in the middle of the night (reappearing in the litter box two days later).  Both of my cats have been banned forever from my stampin' classroom... not just because some of my good friends and customers have allergies, but because they eat ribbon and paper!  These spoiled little monsters have plenty of toys, balls, mice, etc.. oh, no.. that's not enough ... IMG_2835_edited-1now we've graduated to shoes!  IMG_2836_edited-2

And.. I caught him red handed!!  And all this time, his brother was sharing the blame!

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1 comment:

nana_cindy42 said...

Too funny!!! They must have thought they were puppies!!!!