Friday, June 27, 2008

Stampin' Perfect: Stamping with Solid Image Stamps

Silhouette stamps seem to be quite popular right now.. Stampin' Up!, of course offers several of these (She's All That in the current mini catalog is just one of many, the Brocade Background stamp from the current catalog is another).

Even seasoned stampers can find it difficult to work with solid image stamps... I often hear that their stamped images are splotchy, or the color is not uniformly stamped. So, today I am going to offer a few tips and suggestions to try when using solid image stamps. If you have more tips, please feel free to post a comment and share with the readers!

1. Stamp solid image stamps in versamark first.. this will make the ink stick better to the stamp.

2. You can 'rough up' your stamp on a pair of old blue jeans to remove the silicone factory layer before using the stamp.

3. When you place the stamp on the paper, apply firm downward pressure. If it's a larger image stamp, take a background stamp, place it upside down on top of your stamp and firmly press.. it's like creating a vice and forcing the stamp flat onto your paper.

4. And this is BIG... a tip learned from a customer: When you place the inked stamp on your paper, allow it to 'set' for a few seconds before removing the stamp from the paper. This allows the paper to absorb the ink.. it was quite a duh! moment for me!

5. Apply the ink with a brayer... this gives more uniform coverage to the solid image.

6. Another DUH moment... make sure your stamp pad is juicy and well inked. Sometimes, ink pads are left open on the table for extended periods of time. The liquid portion of the ink may evaporate more quickly in warm environments. (When is the last time you inked your stamps??? I just re-inked a few of my Stampin' Up! Classic inks which I've owned and used in workshops and classes for the past THREE Years!)

7. If all else fails, I've read that you can use the sanding block and, working in small... miniscule circles, sand the image so that the ink sticks better.often ask me how to get a clearly stamped image with solid image stamps.
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Mel M. M. M. said...

Great tips. Number 4 is my personal fave. Thanks for sharing these! :0)