Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stampin' and Perhaps the Biggest Surprise EVER!!

I say perhaps the biggest surprise... but anyone who was here on Saturday morning wouldn't believe me! AND, anyone who knows me well also knows that it doesn't happen often!! The planners were selective, sneaky and secretive... the planning took months... and the timing and orchestration.... PERFECT!!

NEVER, in my life have I been as surprised as I was Saturday morning... Just before stamp camp... and they KNEW it!!

Ahh, it was a normal morning... I knew my stampers would be arriving at 10am. The projects had been pre-cut and scored, directions typed and prepared, punches, ink pads, and accessories placed upon the ten foot table. A generous plate of ham, pastrami and provolone had been wrapped and placed inside the fridge, my buffalo wing dip was ready to pop into the oven, veggies were cut and ready, donuts and chips on the table.. plates, napkins, utensils perfectly arranged, and refreshments were icing in a large stainless bowl.... all the normal stuff I do for stamp class...

The phone rang and I answered quickly, our daughter said she would be stopping in to say hello this morning, and wanted to speak with 'Daddy'. I dutifully asked if everything was ok and she assured me it was... so I told him to pick up the phone and quickly said goodbye... back to my preparations.

Later, when the garage door opened, I knew she was here, and continued to work on an upcoming stamp project... she came into the stampin' room to see me as she always does, and after a moment or two of chit chat we went outside to see the recent hail damage on her car. I was out the door in seconds.. but my husband called me back for just a second... Have I kept you in suspense long enough??? Oh, they got me good!! You see, when I turned around to see what my husband wanted, our son was standing in the room!! Laughing, crying, hugging, smacking him on the arm... a good sight to see and the biggest surprise ever... let's see how they top this one!!

So.. you ask, did I still hold the stamp camp?? Absolutely!! After dutifully saying hello to friends and family, meeting new stampers, and grinning from ear to ear because he had finally pulled one over on me... sleep deprived (48 hours), and having travelled all night long, he retired for the next 6 hours. What else was I supposed to do but stamp, and giggle and grin!!

Thanks to all of you who were here to share my big surprise... and to those who pulled this one off.. It truly was a wonderful BIG surprise!!
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jensmessystudio said...

Awww that's such a sweet surprise!!!