Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making Card History: Escapes

Stampin' Up! is promoting E-Scapes during the month of June... you know, get rid of the "e" in your life, get back to basics, and communicate with friends, neighbors, and loved ones... I'm hosting several cardmaking workshops this month in order to facilitate your E-Scape too! Check MY CALENDAR for upcoming events, and remember to RSVP! In keeping with the Escape theme, I thought I'd offer a little card making history too!

  • Ancient Chinese sent New Year greeting cards containing messages of good will and good luck! Printed New Years' and Valentines' cards arrived on the scene in Germany during the 1400's.
  • In the mid-1400's Christmas cards were created as writing lessons by English school boys and gifted to their parents.
  • In 1843 the Sir Henry Cole of England commissioned the first Christmas card. The card included an illustration of happy family members hugging and raising glasses to one another in celebration, and was condemned by many as promoting drunkenness.
  • The first commercial valentine cards made in the USA were handmade by Esther A. Holland in the 1840's. But the German immigrant, Louis Prang is the one most often credited with starting the greeting card industry here, using a color lithographic process.
  • Cardmaking is fun for teens to seniors... and I teach cardmaking to a wide variety of people... those who do it for the craft, those who do it for relaxation, for simple pleasure, and those who create cards for charitable causes! Here's one of my favorites: CARDS FOR SOLDIERS !

There's always room in the world for one more card, and everyone enjoys receiving them!

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