Thursday, February 14, 2008

OK.. so these are kind of odd colors.. but I was just playing around with scraps. I started thinking about that crazy dahlia fold again.. and decided to play around with the Stampin' Up! Oval Punches. Using the same fold technique and the large oval punch, the very first thing I came up with was "Bunny Ears".. just in time for the upcoming Easter Holiday. Of course, If I were to incorporate this into a class or workshop, my colors would be significantly different.. just putting this out as an example of what may be done with the basic fold.
OK.. so, that was fun.. but nothing stunning.. hmmmm. Back to the drawing board again. I made a bunch more of these folded large ovals.. and came up with a skirt or blossom (dependent upon your viewing angle.. )
The large ovals are much easier to fold than the small ones.. but I just had to try that too.. so.. here is my first attempt at an Indian Bonnet..
But WAIT.. this is just an indian bonnet.. what if I combined the small and large ovals.. wow.. a full headdress!!!
OK.. that's enough!! Back to stampin' around!
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1 comment:

Zeta said...

Or you could take the last pic. and spin it around and it would make a really cute layered skirt!!!!!
Other wise I think they are all really cute!