Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dahlia Fold.. It's all over the Web!

By now, you've probably seen this.. the Dahlia Fold! It's been all over the papercrafting web for a week or so. Basically, 8 folded circles are put together to form a beautiful bloom. As I experimented with the fold, my fingers struggled with the tiny circles.. not sure many of my regular customers would enjoy the intensity of this repetitive folding techinque, but I had to try it!

After making the initial bloom, I thought hmmmm... what if we used the Stampin' Up! Scallop Punch to make the bloom....

YIKES.. pretty busy!!! This is a little much I think! So... back to the drawing board. In the second image, I mixed it up a bit.. I've used the scallop punch, but toned it down with several circles of the same size. Much easier on the eyes, don't you think?
Hmmm.. what else can I do with this fold? Thinking, thinking, thinking..
I'll have to get back to you on that later!

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