Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Christmas Tree is UP!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I always feel as though I have accomplished a monumental feat when I've actually gotten my Christmas Tree UP!

Now comes the tree on, tree off annual game that my husband likes to "play"... For some reason, he always turns it OFF... and I want to enjoy the festivities and lights which accompany the holiday season! This year, I chose to do a silver, white, and crystal tree. It was quite a challenge to find an angel that my daughter and I agreed upon! We had an ongoing wager.. she thought there was no way I'd manage to get that angel atop this very tall tree... (Guess what, I won!). I wish I had purchassed more of the silvery gauze which drapes the tree.. maybe next year (the solidly sealed packages didn't tell me how long it was.. so I just guessed at how many I would need to properly wrap our tree.) I think the tree came out quite nice.. maybe next year I'll add pink ornaments!

Remember the snowflakes I made last week with my Cricut Expressions machine? Here they are atop my dining table.. along with the golden stars. Originally I was going to use them on the tree but opted instead for table ornamentation. The only bad thing is that we have very large and very bad cats! The littlest one is the most mischiveous, and while they haven't seemed to bother the tree this year.. SOMEBODY decided to chew on one of the stars! See the closeup of the chewed star?? HMMM.. just WONDER which cat did that?? I think we KNOW which one did it too.. SantaCat may just bring him some coal!

This morning when I rose, SOMEONE had knocked the smallest snowflake to the ground.. and a very brave big gutsy cat was amourously playing soccer with it. Hopefully, they've lost their fascination with the paper ornaments and we'll not have any surprise rearrangements in the morning.. But if we do, it's only paper! (At least they're leaving the tree alone... so far!)
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Katie Ferguson said...

Sharon your tree is just beautiful. I think it photo'd well in the picture! Thanks for all the fun Saturday with teaching us the squash album! I can't wait to try another one. Hope to see you again on my next trip to Florida! Katie from NC (Deb's Sis)

tyrymom29 said...

Wow your xmas tree is beautiful ......!!!!!