Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Enhancing the Cropadile Tool!

OH... I've been thinking about this for several months and just couldn't find the time to put it into action! I've told several of you about this... and have often got "What???"

Well, I finally did it... TODAY, while preparing documents for an upcoming class I needed to verify the settings on my cropadile tool. We all know just how difficult those tiny black letters and numbers are to read (Hey, ProvoCraft designers.. WHAT were YOU thinking??). So, today I finally implemented my idea, and I'm sharing it with all of the cropadile owners in the world! Here's an easy wan to make those pesky little letters an numbers COMPLETELY visible!

I originally thought I would try this with my Stampin' Up! Whisper White Craft ink pad and perhaps a paint brush or qtip. But today, while working on my computer I decided to use Liquid Paper instead.. remember Liquid Paper? It now comes in a bottle with a nice little sponge aplicator tip (vs. a brush which it was originally manufactured with). How convenient!

So, with paper towel in hand, I extended those pesky little eyelet setting blocks on my cropadile tool. When they were completely out of position, I sponged a bit of Liquid Paper onto the black number/letter and quickly swabbed with my paper towel! I then rotated the blocks, keeping them extended, and repeated for each side.

Not the best photo..
couldn't quite get as close as I'd like without blurring the digital image... but...

MY Cropadile numbers and letters are now WHITE!

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Lynn said...

Until I saw this, I didn't even know there were letters on there. I wondered why I had a hard time figuring out which ones to use for which eyelets.