Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drowning in Diamonds!

Desperately delving for inspiration, I got a glimmer from my upline this past week when she shared a secret project.. it was really a wow.. and I can't share it with you.. but trust me, quite inspired!!

So, now, I am drowning in dazzling diamonds!.. They're everywhere, I believe I've inhaled them, and I now sneeze them! Those pesky critters go everywhere I go.. following me relentlessly from room to room.. to my automobile, to the grocery.. and the craft store.. Yes.. I'm the one who is glowing on Isle Three!!

But.. I've made progress.. of sorts! I've come up with some phenomenally fantastic frolicking fun for my next camp!! Three projects down, two to go.. and then tormentingly I'll pick a date.. You see.. here in Jacksonville, "Jaguar" Fla. it's football season!! So.. what to do, what to do?? Not that I'm a fearless football fan.. but many of my clients are! Let's see.. when we cleaned my craft space ceiling to floor, where exactly did we put that magic ball?? Oh.. forgot, don't have one!! So.. I just guess.. that I'll have to guess!! Isn't that just what it's all about.. and a little game of chance? We'll see.

This week is just packed with appointments and comittments! I've got appointments every day this week beginning with the solar guy on Monday (going green.. save money.. ).

I also need to post a recipe (by request).. and will do so later..

So stand by!
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