Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Project Group How Fun!

Every time I show someone how to make this Penguin card (CASE'd from??) people exclaim "How Fun!!" The expressive penguins appear to be just about to share a close moment or hug as they stand on a glistening snowbank. So, I decided to revisit this card, and teach it again, along with two cute gift totes/bags. The smaller of the two bags is perfect to hold a small jewelry box, or designer coffee samples. The larger bag has a tied handle and Large Jumbo Eyelets.

I found the cute scrapbook paper used in this project at my local AC Moore! It is what I consider a 'directional' pattern.. all printed in the same horizontal direction. It's not suitable for some of the projects I do, as the pattern would appear upside down in some cases! My only lament about the paper is a row of snow people, who unfortunately ended up on the bottom of the smaller bag.. if they had only put the cups on that row! It's PERFECT for this project though! One piece of paper yielded two projects with entirely different appearance! How Fun!!
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