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What Happened to those Photos?? OSW Template..

Chattin' with a friend this week, and another demo friend today..and she happened to mention that many of my photos had disappeared!!!! What a shock! At first I thought that perhaps it was a glitch with her pc.. but they didn't show up on mine either.. so, after a bit of research and recreating.. I have restored the posts. Does the software on your computer fight with other software you've got loaded??? Mine sure does! Hopefully all the issues are now resolved! Thanks to Kathy W. and Abbey from St. Augustine for bringing this to my attention!

And now..
.............................................what so many of you have been asking for.. well, sort of.. after teaching the Holiday OSW class multiple times, I redesigned it to be TWO half sheet wonder classes, i.e. Holiday OSW Part I and Holiday OSW Part II. The original class took 4 to 4.5 hours to complete. Now each half can be completed in right around two hours. I've also redesigned the template so that it can be xeroxed at Kinkos right onto your cardstock. (Around here, Kinko's is the only place that seems to have machines where you can walk in and xerox on heavy duty cardstock.) I have taught this workshop 4 times.. and workshop participants are always very impressed with the results. After the last session, one of the students commented " it sure is nice to go home with something that you will actually use, and that you are happy with". It was perhaps the greatest compliment a teacher can receive! Although splitting the workshop in two may seem a travesty to some, my students have really and truly enjoyed the new format!

Here is a photo of the 5 holiday cards created in the Holiday OSW Part 1 class:


(5) 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" WW foldovers
Whisper White CS cut to sizes:
2.5 x 2.5", (2) 1/5 x 1.5", 1.25x 1.25"
Vellum CS cut to sizes:
5.25" x 4.25", 2 x 4.25
Scraps of Mulberry:
3/4" x 6.5", 2" x 3"
Gold Cording
Gold embossing powder
1/4" grosgrain - white
5//8" Organdy - White
Cuttlebug with snowflake template
Snowflake Punch
Snowflake Button (shank removed)
Snowflake Stamps
Aquabrush or fine paintbrush and water (to mark mulberry for tearing)
Variety of Holiday greeting Stamps
2 gold eyelets, and 4 gold brads
crop-a-dile tool, embossing gun, adhesive, basic tools

Basic Directions

  1. Using the template (below), either transfer the measurements to a 5.5 x 8.5" piece of gold cardstock (or silver, blue, etc.. ).
  2. Emboss the 1/2 sheet cardstock with coordinating embossing powder (in this case, gold).
  3. Cut pieces in accordance with diagram.
  4. Use the pattern to goup pieces and cards


Card 1 - (Merry Christmas x 3 and snowflake embellishment):

  • Punch a gold snowflake from a scrap of gold cardstock, use glue dots to adhere button (shank removed) to snowflake.
  • Use aquapainter to 'paint' a fine line along the edge of the 3/4" x 6.5" piece of mulberry. Gently fray the edges. Caution: if you run into a stubborn fiber, use scissors to remove that particular area.
  • Adhere mulberry strip to gold embossed piece #1.
  • Without gluing, position this piece on your cardstock fold-over, also position the snowflake. (refer to lower right corner of picture... above). This step is JUST for placement!
  • Remove the pieces, and emboss "Merry Christmas" three times across the lower diagonal portion of the card.
  • Now, permanently adhere both the snowflake and piece number 1.
  • Emoss greeting on interior of card.

Card 2 - Top Row, Center

  • Use the snowflake template and cuttlebug to emboss the FRONT of your card.
  • Emboss "Merry Christmas" onto 2" x 3" piece of mulberry.
  • Adhere piece 2, and mulberry to front of card as per picture.
  • Add Organdy ribbon, tie in bow.
  • Emboss greeting on interior of card.

Card 3 - Upper Left Corner (picture somewhat distorted.. sorry!)

  • Using your cropadile, and a uniformly set depth, punch all four corners of the 2.5" WW square.
  • Weave gold cording from back, thru three punched holes. Reverse your weaving to thread cording thru three punched holes.. ending with both ends of the cording on the back of the cardstock. Tie a knot to fix.. or affix with scotch tape.
  • Place gold brads in each corner. NOTE: if the brads extend beyond the cardstock, trim one end of each brad with utility scissors and then place a glue dot over the brad end to keep it in place.
  • Affix 1 x 5.5" gold cardstock just off left edge of card.
  • Affix remaining piece no. 3 (2x2 square) to center of 2.5" square, and affix to card.
  • Emboss message on front and interior of card.

Card 4 - Lower Left Corner

  • Emboss 4.25 x 2" vellum with cuttlebug and snowflake plate, affix to left side of card with mono adhesive or any other CLEAR adhesive. If you place the adhesive down the CENTER of the vellum, the ribbon will cover it nicely!
  • Adhere Piece #4 to center, slightly overlapping vellum
  • Make a small 1/2" cut in the fold of the card to insert the ribbon.. Let your ribbon determine where the cut should be.
  • Insert 1/4" grosgrain and gold cording thru cut, pull around to front of card, and tie a knot
  • Emboss Messaging on front and interior of card.

Card 5 - Upper Right Corner (Vellum Note Card)

  • Use Cuttlebug and Snowflake plate to emboss 4.25 x 5.5" Vellum CS
  • Align with front of WW fold-over, use crop-a-dile tool to punch holes in upper left front as well as lower left front.
  • Add and affix eyelets.
  • Insert Gold cording thru brads.. three times around, and then tie in a bow.
  • Add any desired messaging to interior of card.

And.. here is the template to create Part I..

Pieces 1 and 2: 4x5.25"rectangle with a 6.5" diagonal
Piece 3: 1 x 5.25 and 2x2"
Piece 4: 2.25 x 3.5"
Piece 5: (2) 1.25" squares, and (1) 1x1" square

You are welcome to utilize this template/workshop for PRIVATE, PERSONAL, and teaching purposes as long as you give credit where due. Please DO NOT publish or SELL this template/workshop! Thank You for understanding!

Again, look for the second half of the workshop in early October.. I should be done teaching it by then! Thanks for reading along!
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Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

Just gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Terri in Texas said...

These OSW cards were wonderful. I never did receive the template for Part 2. Would it be possible for you to send it to me?
Terri in Texas

Anonymous said...

I was going way back on your Blog and came across your Tutorials pages. I found the one for the OSW Part 1 and Part 2, I would like to make some Cards for the Troops for Christmas and they have to be done by the end of September. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your Templates with me. I can't find where to save them or print them out. If they are for 12 X 12 sheets of DSP, then I won't be able to print them with my own printer as it doesn't accommodate that large of a size of paper. What do you suggest I do? I just love what you have done with this OSW Part 1 and 2, the cards are like no other I have ever seen. They really stand out as looking professionally done. Some of the one's I have seen look like they are just chopped up and stuck back together. KWIM? I would appreciate any help that you could be of to me. Thank you in advance. Have a great day. You can email me at
rhoffman16 at wi dot rr dot com

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin