Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swaps, Regionals, Teaching, and Touring

Just Chattin' today.. been working on my swaps for the Orlando Regionals.. and prepping for upcoming classes at a local hobby store too! AND.. somewhere in between all of this, I'm packing for a trip to San Francisco.. My husband surprised me and booked the trip as a belated birthday present. I've been dropping heavy hints for years.. and he just got it!! So.. we're off in a day or so to tour the wineries, the historic sites, galleries, Ghirardelli, and Boudin Bakery.. And, of course to visit my old stomping grounds as a teen! I think he's really going to love the city as much as I do.. and if he doesn't, well.. he can just sit in the hotel and watch sports.. right? Just kidding.. I think he is looking forward to visiting the west coast too.. he's never been that far west.. so it will be an adventure.

When we return, I am teaching two days in a row.. followed by a trip to Orlando for the Stampin' Up! regionals.. and I just agreed to a shoebox swap so I'm going to have to figure that out between packing/errands tomorrow. My husband has always said that I can pull things together at the last minute faster than anyone he's ever seen.. So I guess that's what I'll be doing!!

Hmm.. maybe next year I can talk him into re-visiting San Antonio, TX.. I'm still savoring the taste of those puffy tacos! Sure wish I could figure out how to make them.. Hint, Hint.. anyone out there have a great recipe for Puffy Tacos they want to share??? You'd sure be an angel!!

Well.. back to work.. makin' swaps, and who knows what else!
Have a good week.. when I get back I'll have lots to share!
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