Monday, September 17, 2007

Stone Top has Arrived!!!

Boy oh boy.. for a very looooong time.. I have been waiting for a custom hutch to be constructed off of my kitchen. Well over 10 feet long, the bottom was built in place a few months ago! And there it has stood! My husband finally mentioned that I needed to pick out the stone.. and that was the 'hold up'.. duh?? (My husband has done stone and tile for many, many years.. ) He never mentioned it before.. SO.. I went to the stone shop where he wanted me to pick out the stone.. The very next dilemma was that I needed a stone LONG enough to extend the full length of this hutch-to-be! AND I needed three slabs of similar size, as we will be using the same stone in the kitchen too! Today, it arrived!! Of course, in the middle of an absolutely horrific and torrentious rain storm! It took three men to lift and install the stone.. but it's very pretty! NOW.. we can call the carpenter and have him build the upper cabinets!

Next.. the master bath.. I've already picked out the stone for that countertop too.. and the cabinet, and the fixtures, etc.. just waiting on the tile guy (guess who that is??).
The Tile Guy's Wife!
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