Saturday, September 15, 2007

A fun Quiz..

Found this fun quiz thru another blogger site, "Craftaholics Anonymous"
the questions are a little out of the ordinary, complete with options to blow away the entire survey! Just something fun to do.. kind of interesting result too!

Tarkine Olive Green

There's something about foreign landscapes that draws you in. The gorgeous colors of an Indian sari, the soft sands of the desert, the red of a monk's robe and the blue of a tropical ocean, the green and purple of a grapevine and the golden fur of a lion's mane, you revel in it all. Even when you're at home, you bring the many beautiful parts of the world to you, surrounding yourself with glimpses of exotic places.

To take this quiz yourself, just click here!
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tinkerbel73 said...

Okay...I took is what it said about me.

Lilly Pilly Vivid Purple

You could set every piece of art you create to music, given half a chance. Songs inspire you, give you a focal point for each artwork you put your name to, accompany you throughout your day. There is something about music that calls to you, makes you feel connected to the world around you, and you wouldn't be happy without a melody in the background - your whole life has a soundtrack.