Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prototype Cards

Last year, I spent an crazy amount of time working with a very well known and very deserving charitable foundation. I went to many area schools, and worked with "at risk" teens, where I taught stamping/card making. The girls were just wonderful to work with, as were the many devoted volunteers. The project was successful but took a lot of time and energy.. this year it has been somewhat re-vamped, so that I will be teaching the teachers and volunteers so they can properly facilitate the workshops themselves. These are the basic card layouts I will be demoing to the teachers this year. They will continue to use the Fast and Fun Notes (retired) set.. and others.

Stamping is such a great thing to get teens involved in.. serving to reinforce hand-eye coordination, math skills, planning skills, basic color coordination, as well as writing and manners. Teens also have an opportunity to realize that they can accomplish so much with so little.. they don't need to go to the local store and purchase a card for 3-5 dollars.. instead creating a special treasure themselves! And, they can "change it up".. they don't have to follow the exact design provided, and have an opportunity to make an artistic creation totally unique, and of their own design.

These cards are just ready for stampin'... The girls will affix the pre-cut pieces during their teacher-facilitated sessions.. and will have their own unique creations.. or as I tell them, "CreatedByU"
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