Friday, August 24, 2007

Photo Corner Punched Border

While creating a few more 6x6 swaps today, I stumbled on a fun way to use the new SU! photo corner punch (seen at right) to create a card or page border.. or a unique photo mounting corner or corner embellishment. I haven't seen anyone else do this yet.. so I will share it with you!

Cut a 1" strip of paper.. whatever length you desire! If you are using it for a 5.5" x 4.25" card.. make it the size you'll need for a card.. a scrap page, make it 1" by the longest width of the page.

Turn the punch upside down. The SU! punches are so easy to use this way, and they allow you to view exactly what you are punching!

Move the punch evenly along the
1" paper strip, and punch.. it's that easy! "Open Spaces" in the lower right corner with no paper showing beneath the cross bar will give you a nice clean finished border. Move your punch along in the same direction and all your larger diamond halves will be on the top of the strip.. the smaller ones on the bottom. If you flip the punch back and forth, it will also flip the large and small diamond halves.

If you do NOT have two open spaces, you will be left with a "hanging chad" so to speak.. (a too well known Florida term for paper that doesn't belong). To adjust the width between diamonds, allow for larger open spaces as you punch along the strip of paper.

See how nicely the diamonds are spaced? In this example all my larger halves are on the top... OOPS.. see that one piece that is out of step! (The chad.. I did that on purpose.. of course). If you end up with an extra little piece, no worry, it can be simply cut off with scissors. It just means that you didn't let open space show thru one of punch openings.

This first example (page) suggests how the
diamond paper strip could be used as a border.. You could also layer smaller very vanilla quares within each diamond if desired.. or alphadot letters.

Or simply lay it across a photo or card corner to provide a unique embellishment.

Folding the edges to the back of the cardstock and adhering in place would allow you to simply slip a photo, invitation, or special greeting under the corner.. a cool way to affix vellum without having any pesky glue showing thru too!

Of course, I would have them across at least two corners to adhere my photo.. and perhaps all four to secure vellum!

Just think of all the possibilities.. and all created by YOU!
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