Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cute Little 3 1/2 inch Box ONE SHEET WONDER UPDATE

My daughter recently ordered an engraved ipod direct from Apple. Although the ipod was nice.. the box was inspiring.. 5 1/2" square and 2" deep.. and the gift recipient happily gave it to me too!

So.. today I set out to recreate this little box to be constructed from a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.. and it worked!

I have to admit, it took a couple tries to get the dimensions correct, but I think the end product is quite useful and nice!

This is a view of the box open..

You can see the the two top flaps, one which will tuck nicely into a slot on the opposing flap thanks to the corner rounder punch with guard removed!

I first stamped the Peace, Love, Joy with chocolate chip classic ink, and then stamped the berry branch image from Abundant Joy all over the exterior of the box. After coloring the leaves with the aquapainter, I colored the berries real red (I think they were really intended to be blueberries.. )4" deep..

Paper: Natural White
Stamps: Abundant Joy, All Holidays
Ink: Chocolate Chip Other: WWC (watercolor wonder crayons), a real red marker, 5/8" grosgrain ribbon

Here's a picture of the final product wrapped in ribbon. The final box is 3 1/2" square and 3/4" deep, perfect for notecards or a small trinket!

I know you're going to ask.. so hopefully I can explain (it's always so much easier for me to show this in person!) The box is made from a single stamped sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock:

  • Score the long side at 1 3/4", 2 1/2", 6", and 6 3/4".

  • Turn paper 90 degrees, score the short paper at 3 1/2", 4 1/4", 7 3/4", and 8 1/2".

  • Cut to first scored line on the 4 1/4" and 7 3/4" lines.

  • Turn the paper back 90 degrees, and cut to the first scored line on the 2 1/2" and 6" lines.

  • Cut a diagonal across each of the small 3/4" squares in each corner.

  • Note that the box has two flaps of equal size.. and two that are not. For the next step, you will be working with the two flaps that are not the same size (ie tuck flap and bottom flap).

  • Resize the smaller tuck flap by cutting 1/2" down, 3/4" in from each side (see diagram for more clarity). Remove the guard from your Stampin' Up! corner rounder, and center the corner of the 2" flap in the punch.. round both corners.

  • Cut a diagonal on each side from the 1/2" point to the corner diagonal piece.

  • For the opposing bottom flap, cut a 2 / 1/8" slot 3/4" from each side and 1 7/8" from the top edge (see next picture). The 2 1/8" slot will be just slightly larger than the tuck flap and tightly hold it shut.

This last picture is of the box with all cutting/scoring lines marked.. Kind of hard to put it in words, but it really does work!

One Sheet Wonder Update

On another note.. I have been receiving requests for my holiday one sheet wonder. Yes, I've heard all of you! I've got 3 more classes coming up this month and next.. and I'm tweaking it a bit more.. so please be patient, I will post the diagram and instructions for all of you mid-September.

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