Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cerise Wall Art

About two years ago, I purchased some wood letters for my daughter to decorate. she's quite crafty, and I thought it would be a nice addition to her dorm room. It was well before the availability of large Chipboard letters.. Alas! She didn't really care for them and they went into the big void in her room (otherwise referred to as her closet).

She's a big fan of Stampin' Up! and was quite inspired by the new Cerise papers... and has been dwelling for some time on how to add their special touch to her dorm room decor. Well, after a trip to Ikea, it came to her.. the old wooden letters and decoupage.

So.. last week, she set about 'decorating' the wood letters. I think they turned out absolutely fabulous! The process was quite easy too..

The letters were first painted on all edges with black acrylic paint. She decided that the letters would look better if they had more than one paper per larger letter. After papers were selected, she decoupaged the right half of the paper to the letters, smoothed completely with a bone folder, and then applied pressure (with cans from the pantry) until dry. Once they were completely dry, she trimmed the letters with an exacto knife, and then decoupaged the left half of the letter, smoothed, and allowed to dry again. Once the letters were all nicely trimmed, she added two more coats of decoupage, and two coats of non-yellowing acrylic varnish.. allowing all layers to dry completely.

We also made pillows for her room, which will nicely match the letters.. along with a new white duvet.. she's back to college!
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