Sunday, July 29, 2007

One Sheet Wonder Complete Pictures

As promised, I'm posting all TEN cards we created in our weekend One Sheet Wonder Class!

The class was an overwhelming success too! I will be repeating the class next month.. some of the attendees want to come back and make another set, and I have already received email registration requests from readers! (If I haven't already responded to you, I will during the forthcoming week!!)

I will have a busy week too! I have to sort thru all my son's belongings and get them ready for the AirForce Movers to come on Wednesday.. they will be taking most of his stuff to his new apartment in Riverdale, Utah! He is really looking forward to having a bed, furniture, stereo, and of course, his beloved books, books, and more books! I will also be preparing for this weekend's class: Boxes, Bags, and Tags.. we will be making a variety of containers with a holiday theme.. so if you plan on attending this one at my home in Jacksonville, FL.. register soon!

As promised.. here are the pictures from Saturdays workshop.. make sure you scroll ALL the way to the bottom.. the last on is MY favorite!

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heidi said...

These cards are beautiful!! Could you post the cutting guidelines for the stamped/embossed sheet? Heidi

Linda said...

These look GREAT!!! I hope I will be able to participate in the next workshop for them! What a great idea - I can't believe one sheet of paper goes so far! LOL

PinkBumblebees said...

I am a huge fan of OSW, and I have to say these are the most beautiful OSW cards I have ever seen! I LOVE the gold and white together - a simply elegant combination. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with us.