Monday, July 16, 2007

Jr. Legal Clipboards!

I made an assortment of Jr. Legal Size Clipboards for the craft show too! They were just the right size to hold my yellow doorprize entry slips!

All the supplies used in these clipboards were Stampin' Up! products. Some of the items are retired (organdy ribbons for instance).. but most of them are still available in the catalog. Check out my Stampin' Up! website: for a link to the new fall/winter collection catalog!

The new turquoise pallete of print double sided paper collection is so soft and versatile. Almost
makes me want to run to the paint store and re-do a room! But there's so much work going on in my house now.. better not start a new project.. not quite yet!

The clipboards go together quite easily. The first tricky part is drafting a template to fit around the clip mechanism. Use a corner rounder to get nice/even corners, and modgepodge (the second tricky part) to adhere paper to the board. It worked best if I put a light layer modgepodge on the board as well as the paper.. kind of like wallpapering! turned out quite nice.

When I decided to do the clipboards for the craft show, I looked in my 'stash' and realized I needed a few more.. so, off to the office supply store I went! I picked up the necessary items.. and of course, a few more things (who can resist office supplies??).. When I sat down to actually put the boards together, I realized I now had two styles of boards! Fortunately for me, the second style had the big bulldog clip at the top of the board. The ones I had at home, had one long clip across the top.. which is really great to hold a legal pad but a bit more challenging to decorate. The second purple clipboard has the long bar across the top..
kind of looks like a bridal headdress! You have to really 'grab' the ribbons to open the clipboard.. kind of cumbersome. BUT.. if you don't want someone removing your legal pad from the clipboard, it's a pretty good way to foil the culprets.. more bother than it might be worth.

I think I'll stick to the regular bulldog clips in the future!

The last picture uses soft green and brown baroque paper from Stampin' Up! This is actually a portion of one sheet of paper.. centered to take advantage of the designs/stripes in the paper. It really is made for this type of project.. and
scrapbooking, and cardmaking, and.. my imagination sometimes runs wild and takes over my day!

For those of you I met at the craft fair.. It was a pleasure! Hope you enjoyed seeing all my cards and crafts.. I'm off to pull doorprize winners from the basket.. Hope you're a lucky winner!

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