Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knock Off Card.. too quickly done!

Today I have very little time for stamping.. so I took my inspiration from a card which my beautiful daughter found at Target. She purchased the card and brought it home to me.. "Mom, do you think you can make this"..

My response: "But of Course!!!" Then again.. it just wasn't my morning to stamp..

So, this was today's task.. I'm not happy with it.. goofed and used versamark when I really meant to use heat and stick powder (not too big a deal in reality).. and then picked up hologram highlights instead of dazzling diamonds.. a little different look than I was seeking as I rushed thru my creation. Like I said, not totally happy with the results.. but that's what happens sometimes.. you become inspired, create, re-do.. until you are happy with your creation!

This card took me all of 5 minutes to make.. VERY quick from inspiration to card.. and I WILL rework it later today. I like the principal of it.. but with a few tweaks, I think it will become stunning.. better! The hologram highlights look a little more gray than I intended.. I'll be sure to share the reworked card too.. You'll see!

Then again.. maybe today just isn't my DAY to stamp.. here is the re-worked card.. used heat and stick powder, versamark, dazzling diamonds.. It's getting there but still needs some work.. I'm just wondering if I should abandon this thing and start all over.. or try again.. maybe tomorrow..

Time to make dinner!
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1 comment:

Elaine said...

You said done too quickly, but the cards and colors are fabulous!! I think they are great! I can't tell they were quickies!! lol