Saturday, June 23, 2007

Custom Cards.. oh My!

Today I worked on a custom card design for a special teacher I know. Shhh.. this is a secret.. she is surprising a good friend with custom made invitations for an upcoming book release, and asked me to create a design just for her.

Although the cards involved no stamping.. (the wording request was very specific).. I have the designs to her for preliminary approval. The actual book jacket was a very simple design and easily replicated.. but...
of course, I like to recreate the wheel.. so MY design will involve cuttlebug embossing, linnen thread, organdy ribbon, printed vellum adhered with brads.. and a special interior pop-up surprise!!!

I actually made two samples.. but the other one, although very similar to the book jacket.. just doesn't do it for me.. I hope she likes the first one!!!

This is such a tease.. because I can't post the samples until she surprises her friend!!!

And.. I'm still waiting for my NEW CATALOGS in FLORIDA.. even though it appears that UPS/Brown is delivering in CALIFORNIA today! Which is why I'm hearing all sorts of wonderful things from other demos!!! Oh, sometimes I wish I still lived in California.. is that a song title??
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Elaine said...

Looking forward to seeing the prototype/card!!!!!!!! This is sooo not fair that you cannot post it, but you can tell us about it!! :)

janet allen said...

Too much suspense! I'm anxious to see what you did for the book release invites and dying to see the new SU catalog.