Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crazy Crazy Day!! Beaded Pen Mania

Today I got together with two other demos.. and we made 132 beaded pens.. is that nuts or what!! We used the baroque motifs set (again, my favorite).. but now my fingers ache!!!! We're preparing for an upcoming trade show and want to have lots of nice things on hand... so it is quite a crazy time! I promise I will post something more interesting tomorrow!!

I haven't had much time to really work on much of my own artwork these days.. and have a family event on Saturday (guess I'll have to clean the ole house.. ) Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to stay home, cook and stamp.. so today's share is from my stash.. two stamp sets which are about to retire (June 29th.. that's IT for these!!)

The first share is a scrap page I created using the Stampin' Up! set Fishy Friends. It was a fun page to do.. I just love these pictures of the kids on the beach in North Carolina!! Our son had just graduated from preschool, our daughter was just about to enter preschool.. right before the trip, our son came down with the Chicken Pox (thank you, benadryl.. ) Although he had totally recovered before we left for vacation.. our daughter got her chicken pox right after we got back home!! We had booked a cottage not far from the beach with close friends.. and a fun time was had by all!! The kids still talk of that vacation.. where they played air guitar at the Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial, dreamed of one day flying thru the air, Uncle Bill bought them a blow-up dolphin to ride in the surf.

My second share is Grandpa.. this is a
page using another stamp set which retired very quickly, "Chair Up!".. and "Artifacts". I really hated to see Chair Up! go away.. the rocking chair was just perfect for scrapbooking memories! Grandpa Bob (although no longer with us) is in the upper right corner. The 'cousins' are all sharing Grandma's chair in the lower left.
Such cute kids! I spend so much time looking at the pictures I forget to scrap sometimes.. kinda funny!

Don't forget.. in just a few days, too.. Blog Candy (have you commented for yours yet?) I've had wonderful comments from so many of you.. What would you like to see more of on my blog? Just leave a comment!
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janet allen said...

Your Fishy Friends set made such a cute scrapbook page. I'm sad it was discontinued. The chair made the perfect page and what a fond memory. NICE WORK!

Carolyn said...

I would love to see more scrapbook pages, I have a hard time stamping in my scrapbooks. These fishy friends page is too cute and I love the grandpa one, too. I don't remember the chair set, but it makes a great page. Thanks for sharing.