Monday, May 28, 2007

Ribbon Flower Pot Part 2


This is the card I challenged myself with this

And so you can recreate this at home, here is how I did it!

My center image cardstock measured 2" x 4". The stamped image was 2- 3/4" tall and at it's widest, 1". I was using 7/8" ribbon, so made my flowerpot 3/4" tall.

I placed two parallel dots 1/2" from bottom edge of cardstock at 7/8' and 1-1/8" from left side.... and two dots 1-1/4" up from bottom edge of cardstock at 1/2" and 1-1/2" .. (done with a sharpie here so you can see it better). I then used a 1/8" hole punch to punch the places where I had put the dots.

Then I used my good 'ole pencil and a ruler and on each side of the flowerpot, I drew a line from the outer edgesof the top dot to the outer edge of the bottom dot and then cut on the line. After stamping the image, you can clearly see the imaginary flowerpot!

Next, I placed a couple dimensional dots beween the cut lines to help the ribbon keep its shape. I then overlapped the ribbon three times on itself, folded down the top 'lip' and wove the ribbon thru the two slashed flowerpot edges... in this sample, however I used a postit note, which which worked well too! Hmmmmm.. the wheels are turning.. just a thought.. I could have just used cardstock from the get-go! Maybe next time..

So then, I added the layers.. put a few dots on the upper edge of the pot... and..

That's All Folks! Wasn't it easy? And created by U!
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