Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Patent Leather and Crocodiles

This is a swap card I did for the Jacksonville Starz Demonstrator group:
I wanted to use the coluzzle, and make a card with a partial circle.. Never having done one before, this is what I ended up with..
Stamps used were the Weathered Background, the designer label punch box and All Natural. I had to redraw the bird's tail because it didn't quite fit on the 1/2 circle.. poor planning.. but time's a wasting so.. used my journaling pen (fine tip) to complete the tail. The cardstock used was basic black, going grey, and glossy white. Also used in this project: Stazon ink, Red Liner Sheet, Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, Hologram Highlights, Glossy Glaze Enamel, Versamark, Silver Eyelets, Black Stazon, Silver Encore Ink, Lumiere, sponge, and a Heat Tool.

Initially, I stamped the weathered background onto the black using Silver Encore Ink. After heat setting, I stamped on top of the silver area with the versamark pad. I then added Glossy Glaze Enamel and heated from the top of the cardstock. The results were almost like crocodile skin!

The cardstock tended to curl during the heating process.. so I then tried to heat from the bottom (underneath side) to see if the curling ceased. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to work but I did get an amazing result.. analmost patent-leather like finish! How fun! It's really difficult to photograph, but the result is perfectly smooth and glassy.. FLEXIBLE (no cracked glass here) with the texture showing thru as clear as can be. This is difficult to photograph.. but it appears on the right side of the finished card.
Lumiere was sponged onto the going grey cardstock, versamark and hologram highlights were added to the outside edges of the 1/2 circle (and heated, of course).. a couple eyelets, ribbon.. and then The final 'touch' was to apply aluminum foil to red liner sheet, stamp with stazon, and punch. Turning the punched piece over, I could remove the brown paper layer from the 'foil sticker' by carefully scoring with my cutterbee scissors down the middle (back side) of the sticker, folding gently in half and peeling it away!
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