Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm going to let you ALL in on a little secret.... Let the coutdown begin...

I've always been a little out of step with the norm.. ahead of trends per se.. I am drawn to out of the box' creations.. i.e. jewelry designs and art that have never been shown.. unique and creative. I plug in and juice my brain from creative artists. As a teen I lived in Pacific Grove, Monterey, and San Francisco California.. and then migrated back to Michigan just before graduating from high school.. Moving from one coast to the other was not easy (fashionably wise).. My preferences for fashion and fabrics changed dramatically. I guess that's why I became what my oldest friends call an absolute "fabric addict".. looking at paper/stamps and declaring "wouldn't that just be the most beautiful fabric!!!!!" (And why my husband asks "why do you have to touch everything in a store?")
Well.. Now i'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator (hint: we don't sell fabric) having always been ahead of the 'trends'.. I've searched endlessly for shoes/colors that I know that FABRIC designers often determine the trends for the future!! Hey.. if you've created an absolutely fantabulous design, whether it be dress/home/suiting you need what?? Duh.... FABRIC!!!! So.. what comes next? Accessories! Cards! Scrapbooking! I'm letting all of my readers in on a secret.... and meantime giving accolades and quodos to STAMPIN UP! for staying within the curve..

Stampin' Up!'s new In-Colors for 2007-2008 are absolutely phenomenal.. complimentary and satisfying, complimenting so many of the cornerstone colors.. bashful blue, lovely lilcac, garden green, vellum, barely banana, blush blossom, brilliant blue, always apricot..... July 1st is just around the corner too! Aren't you EXCITED??? It's going to be so much FUN!!! Think about it!! WOW!

THIS is the fashion forecast from one of my very favorite beading sites....(time to clean out your closets???).. Check it Out!!
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