Friday, May 11, 2007

Crazy Chaotic Month! And Forest Fires Too!

This month has been a real challenge! Everything, EVERYWHERE is amiss in my home.. We just had new custom windows installed in our whole house.. which required moving EVERYTHING away from the windows 3-4 feet. In my craft room alone I have a 12 foot doozie -- floor to ceiling window -- which WAS lined with craft storage containers/shelving. (What was I thinking??) The old windows were ugly, porous, old aluminum single paned, and etched. (This home was built in the early 70's.) The new windows are CLEAR, bright, double paned, and bright white. NOW.. that means that all the trim around the windows will need to be painted too. Anyway, getting back to moving stuff.. everything got moved to the center of every room.. 3-4 feet away from all 15 windows, and 3 sliders.. WHAT a MESS! Now my challenge is to put everything back... I've been working non-stop all week and still have a mighty to-do list, my 500 square foot craft room is still upside down. (NO stampin' for me this week!) Well, I have no intentions of putting anything in front of these beautiful windows in that room! Today I am part way there, but in no way finished...

In the middle of this chaos, my college sophomore (soon to be junior) daughter moved home for the summer.. WITH ALL HER STUFF!! Needless to say, the garage is full, the hallway to her room is lined with stuff.. AND her room is chaos too.. her problem, not mine! I just wonder how it is that they can fit all that stuff in one tiny dorm room for two semesters, and when they come home.. it won't fit in their own 12x14 room!! AND.. why all of it doesn't go back to college?! Oh well, it's nice to have her home again..

Back to the windows.. which arrived just in time!! Thank God for that! Two days were spent installing the windows/doors.. and of course it just happened to be at the beginning of good old wildfire season.. my house smelled like a burning forest for four days until I was able to air everything out (aircleaning machines used heavily here!). So.. now we don't smell the fires on the inside of the house.. but you can bet we would have had the old windows still been in place!

And.. the wildfires... just an hour north and west of us.. all the firefighters are working their bods off trying to stop them, but good ole mother nature is just not helping! Today the wind is blowing towards the southwest (and hopefully the fire won't merge with others further south).. so we are doing ok, but the poor people in Lake City, MacClenny Fla, and Georgia have not fared so well..

Keep us all in your prayers..

Happy Mothers Day to All..

And I hope to stamp again next week!
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Carolyn said...

take care up there, we were smelling the smoke all the way into the Tampa Bay area.