Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog Candy BooBoo

Wow.. loving your responses on the blog candy, can't wait to see who won! I'm sorry to say in my zeal to publish, I did LOSE one comment.. BIG BOO BOO!!! If yours is not showing up PLEASE send again so I can make sure that you are included in the drawing!!

One of my posters requested a tutorial on the flower.. well, here it is!! Also a picture of the flower adhered to a stampin'store container full of candy! What a nice party/wedding favor! Many whom I have shared this with have also chosen to glitter the edges of the rose.. Spectacular!

The 'tote' version is modified from a pattern which was published a few months ago in 'PaperCrafts' Magazine (I re-tuned for smaller dimensions so that it neatly fits 4 1/4" X 51/2" cards (so neatly in fact, that they're actually better standing vertically in the tote.. oops!)
Anyway, enjoy.. and have fun with this one!
3” flower template (5-petal)
1 ¼” circle punch
¾” circle punch
Glue Dots
Crystal Effects
Paper Piercing Tool or Bamboo Skewer
Cardstock (for flower base)
2 colors decorative paper or stamped cardstock for petals
Large Oval Punch
Green Cardstock

Trace 3” flower pattern onto cardstock, and cut out with scissors
Prepare (stamp) 2 more patterns/colors of cardstock
Punch (5) 1 ¼” circles from one shade/pattern of cardstock, and
Punch (6) ¾” circles from 2nd shade/pattern of cardstock.
Use skewer to ‘curl’ petals… this is easier to do if you imagine one point on the outside perimeter of the petal, and use the piercing tool (or skewer) to curl the petal from that point.. much like you would curl ribbon, striking ½ of the petal each time. You want one end of the petal to be narrow (base of petal).. and the other wide (bloom or outside edge of petal).

Once all the petals are curled, attach to base of flower as follows:
Attach 1 ¼” petals, one at a time using a glue dot at the narrowest end of the petal and placing them so that they lie between the petals of the flower base… and form a small circle at the center of the flower base.

Attach five ¾” petals one at a time, so that they fill the small center circle.. as you attach these smaller petals, you want them to straddle the last layer of petals, and overlap each other slightly.

The sixth petal is rolled tightly, it will ‘stand’ in the middle of the flower. Place a glue dot at one end of the rolled petal, and adhere it in the middle of the last 5 petals.. is should stand straight up.

Place dots of crystal effects at base of center petal, and sporadically at the base of all other petals. Remember, a little goes a long way!

If desired, use the large oval punch to make a ‘leaf’.. shape by squeezing a point into one end of the oval, and attach to the back of the flower with a glue dot.

Template (here)… drafted from 5 cojoined circles:

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Pat S. said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!
I actually have all the necessary supplies...can't wait to try it :)