Friday, April 6, 2007

A glitterful afternoon!

Today, I needed to create speical and dazzling cards for a two close friends. My upline, Lee had shown me her stunning card using the textured pearls technique, and my creative juices were stimulated... hmmm... what if?? I exerimented with the technique which uses Elmer's Glue and Pearl Ex... but then decided to 'step it up', incorporating Lumiere, and Dazzling Diamonds into the mix. A progressive experiment, culminatined in my own personal twist on the technique.. a few samples which I love so much that I am hesitant to cut until I find just the right stsmp... and, of course.. a few cards...

This was the first technique sample I created... it left me wanting to do something more.. The sample shimmered in hues of blue and green, but was still too monochromatic! It also needed more texture.. or something.
I recalled reading a that dazzling diamonds could be added to pearl-ex with phenomenal results.. and decided to try again... So.. this next sample I call 'dawn' . It is on orchid opulence cardstock, with green/blue pearl-ex, lumiere, and dazzling diamonds. It was difficult to photograph.. The colors migrate from an early red sky to the blue/green tones of a spring shower (picture on right).. Still not what I'm looking for.. hmmm. I tried different effects on the top and bottom (picture on the left).. and it's kind of sea and sky... better, but just not... IT.

So.. I tried just glue and dazzling diamonds.. although the results were interesting, they weren't too impressive, not the spectacularily stunning phenomenon I was attempting to achieve.

Adding Lumiere back into the mix, the next results were 'cute'.. reminded me of high school proms, sparkly pink frilly and fluffy dresses. This next sample I have therefore named: Prom Dress.. when I look at this sample, I see a great FABRIC! The picture doesn't do it justice.. it is shimmery and sparkly, and pink. I'm sure some of my closest friends are giggling now too..

It's been a standing joke for quite some time that I often embrace new papers/designs with the declaration "that would make GREAT fabric".. So.. now I'm creating my OWN paper/fabric designs. Sorry, it's the quilter/fabric lover in me!

Realizing there was still room for improvement, and sufficient time before dinner must be prepared.. I selected another sheet of cardstock.. this time sage shadow. Reverting to the original technique and incorporating what I had just learned about glitter with lumiere and glue.. My next sample has depth and movement.. just what I was trying so desperately to grasp! The blues and greens drift lazily across the paper, sparkling and shimmering like a clear, cool pond... Ahhh.. I'll name this one "sparkling pond".. here it is:

Again, the photo doesn't do it justice... and I thought, "More texture!".. the next picture is Vineyard... NOW, I'll have to buy that two step grape stamp set from Stampin' Up! .. just so I can use my paper!!!
Yikes.. what a way to live! Making paper and complimenting IT with stamps! What next, you ask..

Who knows? In the stamping world there are just so many possibilities!!

Well.. on to my original task! Cards for friends.. 'good people'.. precious, people you can count on, and will always go an extra mile for.. they deserve something special. Here are the results.. Only two of these samples were actually cut up in the process.. the rest are now 'in my stash'..
Wishing you and yours a peaceful, pleasant and family and fun filled Easter Holiday!! .. and Here are my cards.. I think they will be pleasantly surprised!

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Carolyn said...

wow, those are great backgrounds. I just did a background sheet swap and did the mother of pearl because I couldn't get what I wanted to see with heated pearls. I guess, after looking at yours that I will have to try again.

JBassem said...

Cool shimmery background! Thanks for sharing your creative process.