Thursday, April 5, 2007

Giving Back.. on a Serious Note

I've been involved in a project called "Get Real" for the past month, facilitating card making with middle and high school aged girls. I've been truly impressed at their creativity, eagerness, willingness to participate, and ability to pick up a new skill. "Get Real" is a wonderful program, inviting mentors from the community to interact with and provide both real and usable information/skills to qualifying girls within our community.

As a former volunteer, troop leader, and lifetime member of Girl Scouts, I was approached by an old friend and enlisted in this program. I have been doing this for the past month, the program will continue thru the end of the school year, and found it very rewarding. During our sessions, the girls are encouraged to write letters to thank people in their lives who are special, or just made a difference. Upon completing their cards, I am amazed at how many ask if they can 'keep' the cards they have constructed. I am impressed taht many of these girls declare that the cards they have made will become a special gift to their mothers, teachers, or closest friends. They are both encouraged and proud that the recipients will be both touched and impressed by these very simple means of communication. What a wonderful way to interact with our youth, encourage creativity, and bestow a unique sense of pride!

I encourage all of you to support and/or become active participants in your own communities.. and mentor America's youth thru Scouts, Sp0rts, or other activities... they ARE the future of our country.
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