Monday, April 9, 2007

Creative Block and Stamp Cleaning Tip

This morning, I made completed three necklaces... and then conjured up a huge portion of creativity block! Somehow, I managed to complete a couple textured pearls samples, a technique shared with me by Lee.. but they just never grew up to become cards!! I tried butterflies, Fishy Friends.. to no avail. Anyway.. here are the samples!
Crazy Quick Stamp Cleaning Tip: To clean large background stamps, hold them over the wet side of your Stampin' Up! Cleaning Pad at 90 degrees... spray generously with stamp cleaner, and watch the ink slip off the stamp to the pad.. when just about clean scrub on the wet surface.. and then dry (as usual) on the dry side.. It may use a bit more cleaner but it gets the stamp really clean, really quick!
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